How safe is hydroxycut and does it really work?

Answer Well, I tried the two week free sample of hydroxycut, I can say that it's safe and it works. Actually I lost about 7 lbs during that time. The only problem I had with it was that it was making me a... Read More »

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Is Hydroxycut Hardcore safe?

On One Hand: Recalled by FDAAccording to the NBR Law Firm, "The Hydroxycut recall was issued on May 1, 2009. While the FDA had reports of 23 serious cases of liver problems from using Hydroxycut, t... Read More »

Is hydroxycut hardcore safe for obese people?

On One Hand: Fat BurnerHydroxycut Hardcore X is intended for body builders who want to decrease as much body fat as possible and enhance the appearance of their muscles. According to its manufactur... Read More »

Does hydroxycut work?

On One Hand: How Hydroxycut WorksExperimentation with mice showed that Hydroxycut (hydroxycitric acid) works through a duel pronged attack against fat and weight gain. Hydroxycitric acid works by s... Read More »

Does hardcore hydroxycut work?

On One Hand: Testimonials Provide Claims of Weight LossAnecdotal reports claim that the product Hydroxycut Hardcore worked exceptionally well for its small, passionate group of devotees, as reporte... Read More »