How safe is facebook?

Answer SxyPersian4LYFE is correct, if ur gonna go to FB just make sure to change ALL of ur settings to private, or friends only, or just you settings, u can set it so no one can search you, and you can do... Read More »

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Facebook... safe or dangerous?

First, Facebook is not the end of the world. You have alot more to worry about in life than getting a facebook page.Facebook is dangerous. I signed up and got carjacked the NEXT day. I viewed my... Read More »

Do you think Facebook is safe ?

I believe strongly that facebook is only as safe as you make it. Like you said if you set your profile so only your friends can see it then you know that only people you trust have access to the in... Read More »

Is Facebook safe to do on the internet?

Yes if you follow some common sense rules1) Do not share personal information in your profile, or anywhere online for that matter (address, phone number, etc.)2) Check privacy settings and know who... Read More »

Is facebook safe to sign up for?

No, the 10 million people signed up for it are all harmed?Yes it's safe. Don't give out any personal info. If you act like a grown up, you'll be fine...