How safe is cedar deck wood?

Answer On One Hand: Sturdy and Decay ResistantCedar is considered by many professionals to be a superior timber for do-it-yourself home projects. The Western Red Cedar Lumber Association lists less swelli... Read More »

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Can you mix cedar&treated wood on a deck?

Yes, you can mix the two woods. The only drawbacks are they will look different, the textures---rough and smooth---may be different, the longevity will be different and sealing or painting them may... Read More »

Is it safe to burn cedar wood?

It is safe to burn cedar. However, cedar is a soft wood and doesn't burn as long or produce as much energy as hardwoods. One cord of dried (15 to 20 percent moisture) split white cedar wood produce... Read More »

Comparison of Fir & Cedar Wood for a Wood Fence?

Wood fences are exposed to both hot and cold weather, are regularly wet and come in contact with the ground. These conditions encourage decay and insect attack in most woods, making them unsuitable... Read More »

How do I stain a cedar deck?

Prepare the DeckSand rough areas with fine 80-grit sandpaper. Wash the deck with a deck cleaning solution. Allow the cedar to dry overnight.Stain the DeckBrush the stain on with a paintbrush, using... Read More »