How safe is airline travel?

Answer On One Hand: Few Air FatalitiesAccording to the IATA (International Air Transport Association), there have been fewer than 1,000 fatalities per year for the past few years. Considering that there a... Read More »

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Is airline travel safe with swine flu?

On One Hand: Swine flu Rarely Results in ComplicationsSwine flu is a lot like other types of flu in its symptoms and severity. It can cause fever, clogged sinuses and general fatigue. If your sympt... Read More »

Airline Travel Secrets?

The hassle of booking flights, waiting at long security checkpoint lines and re-booking after a flight cancellation are all part of the airline travel routine. Few people know that they can make th... Read More »

Airline Travel Packing Tips?

Packing for airline travel is more complicated than simply throwing all of your desired belongings into a suitcase and taking it to the airport. Airlines have specific rules and regulations regardi... Read More »

A Guide to Airline Travel Classes?

Planes are split into various classes depending on the comfort of the seats, amenities offered and cost of the ticket. If you've ever walked through the first class section of a plane to get to you... Read More »