How safe is Shareaza?

Answer On One Hand: Security Risks of Using ShareazaShareaza is a peer-to-peer (P2P for short) used to connect to other users in order to share files like music, movies, and games. This allows for users t... Read More »

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Where are partial files saved in shareaza?

Shareaza is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing program that saves partial files in a folder labeled "Incomplete." By default, this folder is located inside the Shareaza folder, but it can be changed... Read More »

If a dish is dishwasher safe and microwave safe is it oven safe?

not really. it just depends on the if its glass, stone, plastic, etc.

Is it safe to scan your own hand I want to try but I'm not sure if it's safe to put in the scanner.?

totally safe dude.....I did it b4 for an avatar pic on a Forum....Here is the Link…

Are yard crickets safe to eat and are bait shop mill worms safe for humans to eat?

I wouldn't have a clue about the worms but my sister ate a cave cricket from our basement one time without it being washed or cooked and she was just fine (she did this to get ungrounded lol) so I ... Read More »