How safe is Melatonin for sleep and at what Mg?

Answer I've been taking melatonin for over 12 years. I take the lowest dose that will help me sleep; however, over time I will develop a resistance to it so I increase the dose. Finally, usually due to ... Read More »

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How many MG of Melatonin is safe for sleep?

Try taking Valerian Root earlier in the Eve. to relax you.Then take Melatonin half an hour before bedtime. I take 9 Mg. of Melatonin myself and my Family Dr. knows about it and he told me that it... Read More »

How much melatonin should i take for sleep?

2mg. The concept of "more is better" is false.

How much melatonin should be taken to sleep?

On One Hand: There are Recommended AmountsHow much melatonin you should take before going to sleep depends on your condition. People between 18 and 65 who are having trouble sleeping should take on... Read More »

Does Melatonin help you sleep?

I was not sure about Melatonin when my wife first gave it to me, but after getting wonderful full nights of sleep, I am a convert. I would suggest anyone having a hard time falling asleep or not s... Read More »