How safe are estrogen creams?

Answer According to Healthwise, hormone replacement therapy puts women at a greater risk of developing breast cancer and heart disease. Estrogen creams do not raise hormone levels in the same way as oral ... Read More »

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Estrogen Creams for Wrinkles?

All skin is affected by aging, but some areas are more sensitive to these changes than others. The skin around the eyes typically shows more signs of aging than other places on the face. Two protei... Read More »

Is it safe to take estrogen with Tegretol?

On One Hand: Decrease in effectivenessIf you plan to take Tegretol, tell your doctor if you are currently taking birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy containing estrogen. There is a d... Read More »

Is taking soy milk, safe for a guys because of its estrogen?

A quote I often refer to from my aunt who was a dietitian is:"Everything in moderation"In other words, your diet can be healthy and can still include even the worst of foods(fats, sugars etc.) if t... Read More »

Are eye creams safe in pregnancy?

On One Hand: The Risk Might Not Be GreatTwo ingredients in many eye creams that cause concern for pregnant women are salicylic acid and retinoids. Some doctors, including Dr. Rachel Herschenfeld at... Read More »