How safe are cashier's checks?

Answer On One Hand: They Are Issued By the BankCashier's checks are issued by the bank itself, after withdrawing funds from the customer's account. The bank issuing the check stands behind it and under fe... Read More »

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If you have a cashiers check written up for a deal and the deal goes wrong can you change the cashiers check?

Are travelers checks safe?

Travelers checks (or cheques) are a safe substitute for cash. Keep the serial numbers of the checks separate from them, making note of which ones you've used. If the checks are stolen or lost, cont... Read More »

How safe are photo personal checks?

On One Hand: Security and IdentificationA photo check has a picture of the account holder in the upper left-hand corner, near the owner's address. The photo helps cashiers and other entities that m... Read More »

Can you print copies of checks in Quicken after you have printed the checks?

Checks can be reprinted in Quicken. Click the Quicken Account Bar list to identify the account you wish to print checks from. Go to the File Menu and select "Print Checks." Select which checks to p... Read More »