How risky is it when your IP address is revealed?

Answer Your IP address can tell a person EXACTLY where you live (or even where your computer is). Every single second you are on the Internet your IP address is visible (unless your use a 'proxy sever' - ... Read More »

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Who revealed that the US had a hydrogen bomb in his last State of the Union address?

When are NFL schedules revealed?

The National Football League does not have a set time for when they release their schedule for the upcoming season. The schedule is normally released in April sometime before the NFL draft.Referenc... Read More »

Is it risky to walk outside when the temp is 15?

The only way you can get a cold is by contracting one of the cold viruses. Walking outside in frigid temperatures does not make a person sick. Nor does sitting on concrete steps, going to bed with ... Read More »

When is the most risky time of pregnancy?

During the first stage of the Menstrual cycle, when the uterus lining goes, usually in the first week of your period. The best time is during ovulation.