How remove autorun virus file in my laptob?

Answer The best and easiest way is to use Malwarebytes Antimalware. got a best answer for this same answer. Read it here:…:)

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How to Remove the Autorun Virus From a PC?

Autorun Viruses infect removable media such as flash drives, memory sticks and USB devices. Kavo.exe, and autorun.inf are the malicious files associated with the Autorun Virus. These f... Read More »

How do I remove the autorun.inf virus?

Step #1. Restart, and before the computer logo comes on( dell, hp, or whatever ur computer is) PRESS F 8 A COUPLE OF TIMES-- a black screen with white lettering will appear. with ur u and down arro... Read More »

How to Remove Autorun Virus from Hard Disk Drives?

Your antivirus software has removed the viruses yet your hard drives are not opening by double click? Follow the simple procedure below.

Is Autorun.inf a virus?

Autorun.inf is a simple type of computer program. Like other computer programs, 99% of them are OK but a few are viruses; it depends on the instructions in the program.Autorun.inf is sometimes foun... Read More »