How reliable is the information on wikipedia?

Answer Most of Wikipedia's info is accurate, however; it should not be a person's only source for info because of people who vandalize the site by putting false information in.

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Is wikipedia information reliable?

no its not, and u should not use it in academic work especially in university.... this is what my teacher exactly said. so take my word

Is wikipedia a reliable source for information?

No, because the information is input-ed by average people like us. Some people will list a citation of a credible resource when they type info in wikipedia and some people do not list a citation or... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a reliable source of information?

Yes and no.The word "reliable" has a particular connotation: that one can simply rely on that source and prima facie (without further evidence) expect it to be true.Wikipedia has a lot of great con... Read More »

Is wikipedia a reliable online source for information?

Depends upon your definition of RELIABLE. Most college professors will not permit using Wikipedia for source material; they want you to rely upon primary rather than secondary sources of informatio... Read More »