How to Be Reliable?

Answer Being reliable is an indispensable trait in surgery, for example.Beyond just being dependable, being reliable is synonymous to unerring[1] at a high level, especially for dangerous or very impactfu... Read More »

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Is the BBC reliable?

Is reliable or not and why?

No, it's not reliable, but the reason is not the tired old "because anyone can edit" trope you invariably get in the first few answers each time this question gets asked. A resource that anyone can... Read More »

Are HP computers reliable?

On One Hand: HP LaptopsAccording to, in a two-year period, over 15 percent of newly purchased HP laptops will experience some sort of hardware malfunction. Even more remarkable, Engadg... Read More »

How reliable are breathalyzers?

On One Hand: Breathalyzers Have FlawsResearch has shown that breathalyzer results exceeded actual blood alcohol content in 23 percent of individuals tested. As a result, many individuals may have ... Read More »