How reliable is Wikipedia for a historian?

Answer Wikipedia is a tertiary level encyclopaedia. As such its articles are a summary of information published in other reliable sources. As a historian you could use Wikipedia as a general introduction ... Read More »

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Why is wikipedia not reliable?

wikipedia can be edited by anyone who wants to say anything they want

How reliable is wikipedia?

I think that you will find more reliable if you really know how to use it and how it really works. See… and…

Wikipedia... is it reliable?

She was given that message likely because she wasn't logged in. Each page has a set security level. If it's open (no security), anyone can edit, account or not. Some pages may be locked, however. W... Read More »

Wikipedia; reliable or not Why?

Most of the articles are reliable most of the time. Some as somewhat incomplete, or if they concern controversial issues may be biased. The reason they are reliable is that anyone can edit any arti... Read More »