How reliable is Wikipedia as a source of info?

Answer i find the entire Wiki series to be very reliable.

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How reliable is the info on wikipedia?

Wikipedia is the most reliable and comprehensive reference source either on or off the web. It could be greatly improved and welcomes your financial and editorial contributions.

How reliable is wikipedia as a resource for info?

Technically it's really unreliable cos anyone can go on and edit the info. But most of the time it's actually correct. probably a good idea to use another website or just briefly check the stuff on... Read More »

How reliable is the info found in Wikipedia?

"How reliable is the information in Wikipedia?" is a controversial question; many would argue this point, and have argued this point, over and over and over *ad nauseam* (until you're sick of it).W... Read More »

Will Wikipedia ever be a "reliable source"?

Wikipedia is not a source; it is a compilation of sources. Other encyclopedias can be sources because they are backed by the integrity of expert review and editing. Usually they feature articles ... Read More »