How reliable are trojan brand condoms?

Answer Trojans are very good, but if you are paranoid, consider trying TWO condoms at once. If one breaks, you are still protected.

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Are condoms really that reliable?

They're very reliable. Just makes sure you inspect them before use. For extra protection buy spermicide.

Who named Trojan Condoms?

I spewed tea all over the monitor...too freaking funny.Trojans themselves were supposed to be tough...maybe that is what they were going for.

Is LG a reliable brand?

LG is common in Australia and very well respected; I woulda thought they'd be everywhere.I have an LG fridge, microwave, DVD recorder and wide-screen HDTV.~

Is Westinghouse a reliable television brand?

Most chain stores dropped them because they can't seem to supply repair parts. I can't stand this brand because I have to fix them... But, as I keep preaching, take the extended warranty. If and wh... Read More »