How reliable are the returns on the stock index mutual funds?

Answer On One Hand: Index Funds Match The Stock MarketIndex funds are mutual funds that try to replicate fluctuations in whatever stock index they're tied to. For example, the value of a Dow Jones index ... Read More »

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Are index funds better than mutual funds?

On One Hand: Index Funds have Lower Fees.Index funds are a type of mutual fund that measures the total value of a group of stocks. Generally index funds resemble the fluctuations of the entire mark... Read More »

What do mutual funds really do with realized returns?

What mutual funds do with the securities in a fund is strictly controlled by the Investment Company Act of 1940 and other laws. A fund must follow the regulations in regards to any realized gains i... Read More »

Is there an index similar to S&P 500 for mutual funds?

According to Griffin Meyers, with Volt Wealth Management Group, there is no index for mutual funds that functions like the S&P 500 Index, but there are individual indices based on the type of mutua... Read More »

How Long Do I Need to Keep My Year-End Statements for Stock & Mutual Funds?

Your recordkeeping timetables depend on your needs. For tax purposes, you should keep most records for three years, and in a few situations, such as a capital loss, for seven years or longer. Howev... Read More »