How reliable are PET scans?

Answer On One Hand: Better Than MRI and CTAccording to Science Daily, the PET scan is more reliable than the MRI and the CT scan. It more accurately pinpoints the location of cancerous cells using radioac... Read More »

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Are ct scans good for you?

On One Hand: CT Scans Find Serious ProblemsComputed tomography (CT) scans are useful diagnostic tools that can help doctors find serious health problems. According to the Mayo Clinic, CT scans are ... Read More »

3D & 4D Pregnancy Scans?

Most pregnant women cannot wait to get their ultrasounds; these belly scans provide them with the first glimpses of their unborn babies. Ultrasounds have been used in obstetrics since the late 1950... Read More »

Are ct scans safe?

On One Hand: CT Scan is Generally SafeCT (computed tomography) scans are imaging tests that use X-rays. Exposure to radiation during a CT scan is actually much higher than in other kinds of X-ray, ... Read More »

How much are MRI scans?

The cost of an MRI scan can be between $400 and $3,500. The cost reflects the type of MRI scan you are having done on your body as well as the technical fee and professional fee. Check with your he... Read More »