:::::::How reliable Wikipedia is?

Answer I would give it an 8 because of its great content and wide range of topics. But, anyone can edit Wikipedia and it is highly plagiarised. Reputable educational institutions advise not to use referen... Read More »

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Is wikipedia reliable at all?

Yes. It is essentially a 100% reliable as a way to find external sources. (Check out the bottom of every single Wikipedia page that has encylopedic content. You'll find links to all its sources.)

Why is wikipedia not reliable?

wikipedia can be edited by anyone who wants to say anything they want

How reliable is wikipedia?

I think that you will find more reliable if you really know how to use it and how it really works. See… and…

Wikipedia... is it reliable?

She was given that message likely because she wasn't logged in. Each page has a set security level. If it's open (no security), anyone can edit, account or not. Some pages may be locked, however. W... Read More »