How rare is red hair green eyes?

Answer Uncommon would be a better word than rare. I was born red haired and green eyes. Mum has Blue eyes, Dad has Hazel. My hair has grown dark over the years.

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Is it rare to be blonde with green eyes?

Yes, because it is not the best thing, because you will most likely encounter bad thing near the age 10/11 and sometimes this like demons posesing you evil ghost spirits trying to kill you the way ... Read More »

I just got told my green eyes are rare.. are theyo_O?

Only 2% of the worlds population have green eyes so therefore they are considered rare. The gene for green eyes is also rare but dominates blue. I would love to have green eyes but i have hazel and... Read More »

What would the child look like if the mom had bleach blond hair and green eyes and the dad has brown hair and green eyes?

Well it definitely won't have bleach blond hair so i don't know why you didn't ask the question using the real hair colour because no one knows what colour it was. It is like asking if the child wo... Read More »

How rare is it to have red hair and blue eyes?

Not very, most red heads have light colored eyes; blue, green or grey. Red hair and darker eyes are more uncommon because of the combination of a recessive and dominant gene, red hair (recessive) a... Read More »