How rare is it for a baby to have raynauds disease?

Answer Raynauds syndrome usually occurs from about the age of 15. However I am sure there are some exceptions as i got it when i was 13. Raynauds is a heriditary incurable disease. there are two types: pr... Read More »

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Does it make a difference if your a doctor and study infectious disease or rare infectious disease?

Yes they are i was om the aimee lykes its a site that spell the ship amy instead of aimee same date that i have dicharge paper for.

Is heart disease rare at my age?

yes heart disease is rare for someone your age. most likely what you are experiencing is anxiety. when you get anxious your heart rate increases.

Is wet tail disease rare?

In Baby HamstersStressWet tail is the common nickname for a potentially lethal disease, regional enteritis or proliferative ileitis. According to Holly Nash, DVM, young, long-haired hamsters that h... Read More »

Am i dying slowly from a rare disease?

Fourth opinion..if you believe you have something going on, you need to pursue it. Try contacting your state university's medical system--they would be a good starting point..