How rare are the un peso 1961 coins?

Answer The Philippines minted a rare one peso coin in 1961 for the centennial of Dr. Jose Rizal's birth. The coin was made of silver with the head of Dr. Rizal on the front over the inscription "national ... Read More »

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How many un peso 1961 coins are there?

Although many countries have used a coin called a peso as part of their currency, only three countries produced them in 1961. Argentina minted 76,897,000 that year, while Mexico issued 52,601,000. ... Read More »

Value of Rare U.S. Confederate Coins?

In the first year of the Civil War (1861), the Confederacy minted two coin prototypes: half dollars and one cent pieces. Very few of these coins (less than 1,000 in all) were minted, and even fewer... Read More »

How to Buy Rare Collectible Coins?

If you are a beginner numismatist, the grading and accreditation which surround rare coins can probably seem quite perplexing. So, for the novice, here are some easy tips to set you on your path to... Read More »

How to Find Rare Coins?

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