How rare are black diamonds?

Answer Natural black diamonds, called carbonado, are quite rare, found only in Brazil and the Central African Republic. Black diamonds used in jewelry typically are not naturally black but receive their c... Read More »

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Are diamonds truly rare?

On One Hand: Diamond Rarity is a MythThough they are expensive and have a reputation of being rare, this reputation has been carefully crafted by the diamond industry. Though diamonds require a ve... Read More »

How rare are Canary diamonds?

Canary diamonds are the rarest kind of diamonds, according to The Diamond Ltd., a diamond retailer and education center in New York. Experts classify only one out of every 1,000 diamonds as a Canar... Read More »

Are blue diamonds rare?

Blue diamonds are a very rare form of diamond. They are so rare that most jewelers have never laid eyes on one. The most famous blue diamond is the Hope diamond, which is currently in the Smithsoni... Read More »

Are black diamonds&black onyx the same stone?

Black diamonds and black onyx are two very different stones. Black diamonds are a form of diamond called Carbonado that actually has formed in stellar supernovae explosions. Onyx (and black onyx) i... Read More »