How quickly will gripe water work?

Answer Gripe water is a homeopathy medicine that helps soothe colicky stomachs in babies. Gripe water works fast, because of the various herbs that are used such as ginger, fennel and chamomile. According... Read More »

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How much ethanol is in gripe water?

The original gripe water contains 3.6 percent ethanol. Parents can buy some gripe waters that are alcohol free if concerned about alcohol content. Types of gripe water that are all natural and alco... Read More »

Is gripe water safe for newborns?

Gripe water is safe for newborns. It is the only homeopathic liquid formula for treating gas in infants. Colic Calm is a gripe water brand that has a success rate that is over 95 percent for treati... Read More »

Why does the hot water heater run out quickly?

There are many reasons why hot water from a water heater may run out quickly or take awhile to heat up. Such factors include the age of the showerhead and even the size of the tank.Shower HeadDepen... Read More »

Does dry ice sublimate more quickly in air, water or oil?

Sublimation is when a solid turns directly from its form into a gas,rather than the more usual process from solid, to liquid, then gas. Dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) will sublimate faster in water... Read More »