How quickly is blood pumped around your body during excercise?

Answer The itch comes back, this time only angrier!

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How do Chest compressions (specifically CPR) help to pump blood around the body!?

they don't - what happens is that the blood is pumped round the 'half-circuit' to the brain which is the organ most sensitive to lack of oxygen. Compressing the heart works the ventricles and provi... Read More »

How to Coil Your Upper Body Against Your Lower Body During the Golf Backswing?

The key to a really powerful golf swing is a firm foundation in the backswing. The best way to maximize your backswing and efficiently drive the ball forward is with a coiled body. By turning your ... Read More »

When they take your blood during your first appointment and after a pap smear to confirm the pregnancy is there a certain point they would test for STI's in your blood?

Answer The blood tests and the smear will both show STIs and if you weren't told this when they were done you should find another health care provider as as far as I am aware doing these tests wit... Read More »

How does the body control blood sugar and water levels during exercise?

..there are many sites available for to choose from. Navigate to ... Read More »