How quickly does the flu shot become effective?

Answer On One Hand: Flu Shot Works in Two WeeksAccording to the Centers for Disease Control, it takes around two weeks from the time you get vaccinated for your body to develop flu antibodies.On the Other... Read More »

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You dropped your Canon Power Shot G9 in water but quickly retrieved it and removed the battery and mem card Will it still function after the condensation evaporates?

What is the time span from receiving the seasonal flu shot to the H1N1 shot vaccine?

Actually you can take them at the same time. You can not mix the vaccines in the same shot, but you can take them in separate shots at the same time. You can also take one by nasal spray and the ... Read More »

If you are on the Depo shot but took antibiotics or your also on a hormone pill will that conter act the shot to not work?

Answer Antibiotics are notorious for reducing the effects of birth control.

I shot myself in the leg with a nail gun at work today and i'm wondering if i need to get a tetanus shot?