How quickly do edits to an article in Wikipedia appear?

Answer Edits appear immediately when they are made. The review happens afterward, but rarely in a coordinated fashion - people can see what changes have been made, and revert them or make their own change... Read More »

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What if someone edits a professional article on Wikipedia, with bad info or deleting, Is that possible?

It is possible, but the misleading/damaging information will likely be replaced and the person editing will be asked to please mind their manners.

Can I Make My Own WIKIPEDIA Article, If So, How And WIll It Appear High In Search Engines?

no. they will delete it, and say whatever you wrote about is a joke! dont go on that website! theyre assholes!! better luck standing on the street and telling people. DONT LISTEN TO DANNY! he answe... Read More »

I've made a new wikipedia article, but I can't find it in the language list. what can I do to make it appear?

Go to the German and English articles. Edit them. Scroll to the bottom. Add the following code:[[x:y]]x being the language code for Romanian (I think it might be ro but I'm not sure), and y being t... Read More »

My Wikipedia article has not deleted past 7 days, wikipedia will delete my article?

'Some warning message' is pretty vague. Follow the instructions on the warning template to find out what to do. If it is a deletion template, it could be any of four different types:* PROD (propose... Read More »