How private is your facebook account once you've deactivated it?

Answer it should be unaccecable

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Do facebook messages go away when account is deactivated?

no, the message will still be there, sorrythink of it like email.... if you send someone an email, and then cancel your email account, it doesnt go into the other person's email account and delete it

So I have just deactivated my Facebook account... Who else has and feels so liberated for doing so =)?

I do. It's been two months now, and I'm loving it. I find that I'm doing more things that I love rather than browsing facebook. Having facebook was just another reason to deal with social drama. It... Read More »

How do you block someone on Facebook that has their account set at private?

You could try going to Which is a form you can fill in, someone at Facebook will then perform the block manually for you. It may take a whil... Read More »

I got an email from my bank saying my account has been deactivated...?

Go to the bank or at least call them and find out what is going on. If I have any doubts, and I would have doubts about this one.... I would never answer it in any form. I wouldn't believe for a mi... Read More »