How powerful must a laser be to burn paper?

Answer Lasers must have a power output of at least 95 milliwatts (mW) in order to burn paper, although higher outputs will cause the paper to catch fire faster. The majority of burning lasers emit green b... Read More »

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I want to buy a powerful green laser pointer?

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What type of a burn is a laser burn?

radiationA little more...Technically, this answer is true -- LASER burns are "radiation" burns, most frequently in the visual light or infra-red parts of the EM spectrum. However, we tend to assoc... Read More »

How do I remove paper in a paper jam for a Dell 1700 laser printer?

Remove the Paper JamOpen the printer's front cover. Remove the toner cartridge assembly. Remove any paper that has become jammed behind the assembly. Pull up on the rectangular flap in the front of... Read More »

How to Remove Paper in a Paper Jam for a Dell 1700 Laser Printer?

Printer-paper jams can slow productivity and cause headaches for a computer user. The Dell 1700 Laser Printer has two service panels. It's possible that one, or both of the panels could hold paper ... Read More »