How powerful is the most powerful pain killer?

Answer Actually, morphine was used for sawing off the legs.Many soldiers became addicted so much so that morphine addiction was called "army's disease".Heroin was invented to get people off morphine and n... Read More »

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Video conversion better with more less powerful cores or a few more powerful ones?

File conversion is better with 100 slow cores!Good luck!

Most Powerful AA Flashlights?

Flashlights are useful tools. Whether you keep one in the home to provide light during a power outage or use one to illuminate the sidewalk while letting the dog out, the brighter the light, the be... Read More »

Most Powerful Crystals?

Crystal users employ certain crystals with great care because they are powerful and should only be used by experienced and knowledgeable practitioners. These powerful crystals allow crystal practit... Read More »

Worlds most powerful tank?

Currently it is the (Chinese) Type 99KM, with a 155mm cannon. In the time of World War II, it was the Tiger Tank I, with an 88mm gun.AnswerTwo tanks vie for the title of Most Powerful Tank. One is ... Read More »