How possible is it that the GM collapse would affect GM warranty owners?

Answer On One Hand: GM Does Not Own Your WarrantyAlthough GM was rescued by the federal government, even if it completely collapses, your warranty will remain intact. GM does not own the warranty, and lo... Read More »

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Would a dock that is attached to a condominium with boat slips which are deeded to individual owners of units in condo be part of the common elements?

Read your governing documents to determine the ownership status, the maintenance responsibility and the other pertinent details associated with the boat slips in your community.

I have a few windows update that failed to install. Would it affect my computer?

Not really no. It won't affect your ability to use the machine at all. They are probably just security updates for something which you are unlikely to ever come across.

Is it possible to get car insurance in the US that would cover it for a few weeks in Europe?

Answer Go to AAA to get an International Driver License. No test involved, just need to pay a small fee.

If someone got married would that affect them being on their parents insurance?

Yes... it would mean the child no longer meets the definition of "qualified dependent".