How police treat child witnessess?

Answer Special needs teacher should exhibit an attitude of manner relevent (sp) to the inidividual's needs; must have the power of feeling; a great disposition because people can usually sense a bad dispo... Read More »

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Can another adult pick up my child from the police station if they are not the child's parent?

If the parent is busy with something else the child can call a friend or relatives to come and pick them up. the child can also call and older sister or brother, older cousin's, uncles or aunt, gra... Read More »

Why do mothers treat their adopted child better than their biological child?

Mothers need to be able to bond with their new adopted child and therefore needs to show a lot of love towards them. Loving them a lot as if they were your own child will increasingly strengthen yo... Read More »

Would you lie to the police for your child?

Probably not. I'd want to, but what would that teach them? As a high school teacher I have had parents blatantly lie in disciplinary meetings to cover up for their children's actions... these end... Read More »

Do police work with child abuse?

Yes they do. Most often they will bring in a case worker they work with on an everyday basis.