How ping does it take for ink to fade?

Answer Will depend on the ISO of the ink and what type of ink like: (oil or water based inks) What type of paper? Even notebook paper comes in different varieties. Is it exposed to sunlight? And other va... Read More »

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Differences Between Ping S59 & Ping S59 Tour Irons?

Every successful golfer will likely own a set of quality golf clubs. Manufacturers periodically announce new models of clubs and keeping up with the differences between the various product lines is... Read More »

Taper fade vs fade(haircuts)?

What's a good ping and what's a bad ping?

Both of those pings aren't too bad. Pings are measured in milliseconds, so 74 and 209 aren't too shabby at all. Pings that "time out" mean that they never reached their destination (typically this ... Read More »


man ping PING(8) PING(8)NAME ping - send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hostsSYNOPSIS ping [ -dfqrv ] host [ packets... Read More »