How paint chain link fence Is sand-blasting rust practical What kind of paint primer to use on rusted areas Is it better to spray or use a roller How do I control over-spray Thanks Big Kahuna?

Answer Answer use a galvanizing spray

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Do you need to use a primer when using Rustoleum spray paint for a metal garbage can?

Rustoleum Universal spray paint is designed to adhere to any non-porous surface, including metal. You do not need to use a primer when painting a metal garbage can with Rustoleum spray paint.Refere... Read More »

Can I paint a chain-link fence?

You can paint your chain-link fence. Aluminum paint helps a fence that's in good condition look new again. Choosing green or brown can make a fence fade from sight. If your fence has seen better da... Read More »

How to Paint a Metal Chain Link Fence?

According to Merriam-Webster, a metal chain link fence is "a fence of heavy steel wire woven to form a diamond-shaped mesh". It's held up with metal posts and rails. Chain link fences are costly an... Read More »

I live in the uk and iam making a frankenstrat guitar does anyone have a link the the spray paints and primer?

LACQUER because it is exceptionally hard and transmits the vibrations without dampening.