How painful is wisdom teeth extraction?

Answer Honestly, it depends on how you respond to pain. I only had local, but they had to re-numb as the anesthetic wore off part way through due to my metabolism. I didn't have pain during the extracti... Read More »

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Is it normal for your teeth to hurt after wisdom teeth extraction?

All that goes down in wisdom teeth extraction?

First of all, she really should talk to her dentist. He or she will have all the necessary information. each case is different; wisdom teeth extraction can be very simple (although it's a bit unusu... Read More »

Wisdom teeth extraction - What to eat?

So while you're recovering from wisdom teeth extraction you're trying to let the area where you're teeth used to be clot (to stop bleeding) and heal without getting food caught in the tissue. So t... Read More »

Can you eat sushi after wisdom teeth extraction?