How painful is getting your wisdom tooth hurt and what happen if you don't do it?

Answer Please don't listen to the horror stories posted here. You should discuss this matter with your dentist.I'm a qualified DSA (dental nurse/surgery assistant) and I've had my wisdom teeth removed wit... Read More »

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I am getting my top left wisdom tooth pulled (it is already completely in). Will it hurt?

Sorry to say this but yes- it will hurt like hell. The reason is because the roots of the wisdom tooth are very long. Make sure you are ready to stay in bed (proabably a couple days), make sure y... Read More »

Is getting your wisdom teeth out painful?

i just got all four of my wisdom teeth out on the 28th and its now the 30th. its normal to be nervous because i know i was. i didn't get put out, they just froze my mouth and for the most part it w... Read More »

How painful is getting your wisdom teeth taken out?

I had all four of mine out at the same time.. I think I was 16 and it was not horrible at all. They give you meds ...the hardest part is keeping the sockets clean and eating and drinking. I think... Read More »

How painful is it to get your wisdom teeth out I am getting my out at 9:15am tomorrow. Any suggestions?

Getting your wisdom teeth out is NOTHING compared to the pain of them growing and crowding your other teeth!! Bring something to clench that fits into the palm of your hands like a rolled up news... Read More »