How painful is a gamma globulin shot?

Answer On One Hand: Pain and Tenderness Are CommonThe pain associated with a gamma globulin injection is similar to that of any shot. The McKinley Health Center explains that the most typical side effect ... Read More »

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My PC's display configuration has an option named "Gamma". Does my PC emit gamma rays?

lol...I can see where the confusion arises but no, manufacturers wouldn't be allowed to see a display with harmful level of radiation.Gamma on video displays refers to shadow detail. If you alter t... Read More »

Is it true that its less painful for a skinny person to get shot or stabbed in their stomach than fat person?

it would hurt for both, but it would hurt more for a fat person because there is more fat to their body.

What causes globulin to be low?

would taking aleve daily effect my total serum protein level my globulin is 1.7

How to Improve Globulin Count?

Globulin and albumin are two of the main proteins found in blood. Globulins act as carriers in the blood stream and help the body fight infections. A low globulin count can indicate a number of hea... Read More »