How painful does this sound?

Answer It sounds pretty painful and disgusting hahah so your good to go. Just make sure that you don't make it too much like the movie saw. Your the next stephen king :)

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Girls Nails: How Does This Sound Would You Pay For This Pedicure?

I'm 18, and I would definitely pay for this pedicure! Foot massage and pedicure all in one package, how can I refuse! I also admire how you're doing something about being jobless instead of just si... Read More »

How does this sound....?

Veg. Biriyani please along with kachumber. Yummy! :)

Does this sound like the flu?

It could be the flu. Drink lots of orange juice (even if you're sick it won't taste as bad), and keep lots of fluids in your body. Stay warm and toasty, and lay down so you get more circulation thr... Read More »

Does this sound good?

Shelby,it certainly sounds promising by your description of the events. It also "sounds" like she is recuperating from the cancer; however, and as with many other things - for your benefit please ... Read More »