How painful are growing pains of a 6 yr old?

Answer Growing pain is usually not severe. It responds to simple massage with or even without some balm If the pain is severe child should be examined by a doctor to rule out other causes.

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Teen experiencing sudden and painful chest pains?

It could be PCS:…But it's still best to check with a doctor.

15 and have growing pains?

I'm not sure why dr.'s would say that you are growing in only a few places at a time, it doesn't make sense unless they just don't know the real reason. Back pains are caused by pinched muscles in... Read More »

Are these just growing pains?

Probably. Take some tylonal or something, you'll be fine tomorrow.

Are these growing pains?

If they are the circus is going to be looking for you for you will look pretty funny if only those places are growing and not the rest of you. You have tight muscles causing the pains and not exer... Read More »