What Moves Does Entei Have on Sapphire?

Answer Entei is one of the many Pokemon you can obtain in "Pokemon: Sapphire" for the Gameboy Advance. It isn't available natively, but you can obtain it by trading with other versions of the "Pokemon" ga... Read More »

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How to Catch Entei in Pokemon Ranger?

Catching Entei really depends on what Pokemon Ranger version you have. This article just sums it up from when you encounter Entei.

How Do I Catch Raikou and Entei in "Soul Silver"?

One hundred and fifty years prior to the events of "Pokemon: SoulSilver", the Brass Tower in Ecruteak City burnt down. Five legendary Pokemon resided there: three of them perished, while Lugia and ... Read More »

How to Catch Entei in Pokemon Leaf Green?

EnteiEntei, like the other Legendary beasts, is a very hard Pokémon to catch. But with time, and a lot of luck, you should soon have Entei.

How to Catch Raikou or Entei in HeartGold/SoulSilver?

Have you ever wanted to know how to catch two of the three Legendary Dog Pokémon? This article will tell you various tips and tricks to catch Entei and Raikou.