When did Rock Hudson get AIDS?

Answer It is unknown exactly when Rock Hudson contracted AIDS, in part because the disease was so little understood at the time of his death in 1985. Physicians diagnosed the movie star with the disease i... Read More »

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How many of the Little Rock Nine are still alive?

According to the Little Rock School District's information on the desegregation of high schools in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957, all nine of the Little Rock Nine are alive in 2010. The nine black... Read More »

Would you eat a human to stay alive?

I went on a fast for two weeks without any food and lost 30 pounds. I drank a lot of water and it was no problem. After 3 days, you are not hungry and have plenty of energy. Two weeks is not bad... Read More »

Would you become a cannibal to stay alive ?

hmm i think anyone would if that was the only way to stay alive

If Long John Silver was real would he be alive?

No, for he is a old legend, so he would have died a long time ago.