Which film director do you wish were still alive and making films?

Answer Sidney Lumet. Made a masterpiece in 1957, and also in 2007. 50 years apart, how awesome is that2- Dog Day Afternoon3- Scorsese

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I think killing animals for their fur is wrong, but would it be ok to wear the animal while its still alive?

It would depend on what else you are wearing. A hamster pocket kerchief might clash.

Answerettes - What would you do if you were the most sexy woman/girl alive but (go on reading)...?

What President shared a name with a vacuum cleaner and would be 130 years old if he were alive today?

If Abbott and Costello were alive today, what would their "who's on first" skit look like?

Before I saw the second part to your question I was going to say that Abbott and Costello's act is timeless and I would't change a thing. However, your's is actually pretty dam* funny! You should c... Read More »