How old were you when you got a facebook?

Answer 16I registered Facebook in the beginning of 2009.

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How can my mom look at my facebook when were not even friends?

If she is in the same network(s) as you, and you have your privacy settings more lax, she CAN see your profile.To change this, go to settings and then privacy.You can have her blocked too.

Facebook album names for pictures of when you were a todler/baby/younger?

baby faced ___ (whatever your name is) me at my cutestcute n cuddle-y me (sorry if thats spelled wrong)watch me work these diapers XDfeed me, change me, burp meeven this little, i was still in char... Read More »

When my Facebook friends laugh directly at me when I'm in a Facebook webcam video, is that always funny?

yaya they may laugh at your 1st show it to few of your close friend..if they say its good..thn pnly upload it.

How old were you when you were totally comfortable with who you were?

I’d begun to feel more confident and empowered when I was fifteen after an enriching summer abroad experience, but it was really at the end of my junior year of high school when I was sixteen tha... Read More »