How old were you when you first used a computer?

Answer About 35. I had always used typewriters up until then.

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When were matrices first used in computer graphics?

Matrices, or representations of linear space which form a matrix, were first used in computer graphics in the mid-1960s, when Larry Roberts illustrated the usefulness of 4x4 matrices and homogenous... Read More »

When were airbags first used?

Airbags were first conceived as an automotive safety device in the early 1950s, with the first patent granted to John Hetrick in 1953 for a "safety cushion." However, airbags did not become a real... Read More »

When were tents first used?

A tent is a very simple structure consisting of no more than a sheet or other material draped over supporting materials to form a habitable structure. Tents have been in use since prehistory by nom... Read More »

When were bar codes first used?

In 1948, Bernard Silver, a graduate student at Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia made the first step in the use of bar codes. Silver and Norman Joseph Woodland, a twenty-seven-year-old... Read More »