How old were you when you first had sex Did you tell ur parents?

Answer still a 13.

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How can you tell if you have an older sibling who was adopted when you were a baby if your parents deny it?

You can compare the DNA between yourself and your older sibling. Siblings have APPROXIMATELY (as in, on average) 50% the same genes, because each gene has a random chance of being inherited from th... Read More »

Parents, do you think parents who had thier children when they were younger, early 20's or sooner are?

my parents had me when they were young and they were very douchey, high strung and anal, they fought like cats and dogs.... then many years later they had my little sister and they had mellowed lik... Read More »

Adoptees - what were/are your first parents occupations?

Mother:1) A college student who spent her free time at her parent's yacht club where she met my father.2) She is what my husband calls a 'trustifarian' or a 'woman of independent means'. Translati... Read More »

How many marines were there when they were first created?