How old were tou when you stopped beleiving in santa?

Answer I still do and Im 45!!!;

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When were cloth electrical cords stopped on lamps?

Cloth-covered electric cords were used on lamps until the 1930s. These covers were usually made of silk. Today, you can find lamps with rayon-covered electric cords designed to simulate old-fashion... Read More »

When you are stopped at a red light do you look over at the person stopped next to you?

Yes. To see if1. they are talking on a cell phone2. picking the nose3. wanting to race4.pointing a gun at me5.smoking (I quit)6. they are uglier than me!!!!!!!!!

Could using topical retinoic acid on your face for about 10 days harm the baby if you stopped when you found out you were pregnant?

Answer You would definitely want to discuss this one with your doctor. If it's for acne try a very small amount of tea tree oil on a cotton ball. It's also good for small sores and helps eczema.

You have just stopped taking the pill when you had intercourse you dont think you were ovulating the week after your period now you have period pains 2 wks early but no period bloated and cant stop cr?