Why do parents love the youngest sibling the most?

Answer Parents don't love more a child than an other. Parents may show more affection to the young one because there young and they need that affection. Parents sometimes provoke a sibling rivalry because... Read More »

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Parents, do you think parents who had thier children when they were younger, early 20's or sooner are?

my parents had me when they were young and they were very douchey, high strung and anal, they fought like cats and dogs.... then many years later they had my little sister and they had mellowed lik... Read More »

We are thinking of moving to LA, we are newlyweds with 6 children oldest 11 youngest 3,were to move i la?

but you just finished telling the other person what a great place you live in... what's the problem? no jobs? can't tolerate the winters? too far from civilization?I don't think you would really... Read More »

If you were the opposite sex to what you are..what were your parents going to call you?

Donald.As it happens I have a cousin with that name called Don, not quite a year younger than me, another of our cousins is married to a Don.When we are all together and someone says one of our nam... Read More »

Who were Pandora's parents?

Pandora, of Greek mythology, didn't have a biological mother and father. According to the myth, Zeus punished men by asking Hephaestus, god of blacksmiths and artisans, to manufacture the first wom... Read More »