If a man and a woman who are not in a relationship accidentally get pregnant and decide upon adoption but the woman last minute decides to keep the child is the father still responsible for child supp?

Answer Answer He can be if she goes to court and names him in a paternity suit.

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How can you protect an unborn child if you know of a woman who is pregnant with another child and has 5 others but owes child support for some and the others are in group homes?

Answer Call child abuse hotline to report what you know about the ones that are already here and let them know that she has another on the way. They may be able to help her to see that she needs s... Read More »

Is asking a pregnant woman if she wants to give up her child "socially acceptable" behavior?

No, not socially acceptable in any way, shape or form. But, encouraged in private, attorney or facilitator-led adoptions. I'm sure it's practiced by the same people who post on here looking for "si... Read More »

Is it considered as violence to an unborn child if a pregnant woman is stressed out?

no of course not. but try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can. it is more stressful once they are out!

Shouldn't a woman pregnant with her third child be showing by 32 weeks gestation?

Answer Not necessarily, if she is very fit with good muscles she may not. Or if she is very overweight it may not be obvious.