Where were you when you found out the King of Pop died?

Answer ELVIS DIED IN THE 70's, I was Very Young at that time, 9 yrs old, I was in SCHOOL!

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KING OF POP HAS DIED how do yall ppl feel?

Well, I kind of feel bad i guess, my mom liked him. I really didn't`t care, for him, plus when he slept with that little boy.. Ugh, that's a little weird if you ask me...

Can you believe the KING OF POP died! Im in total shock. What's your fav song by him?

My favorite song by him has got to be P.Y.T or Man in the mirror those are great songs R.I.P MICHAEL WE'LL MISS YOU FOREVER!!!!!

Greastest lovesongs released by the King Elvis before he died?

That is an impossible question to answer, so many great songs all with their own uniqueness. Up there at the top though are:MemoriesYou gave me a mountainAlways on my mindGentle on my mindIn the g... Read More »

I Don't Understand Hoe To Do Problems Using The "King Henry Died Monday Drinking Chocolate Milk" Acronym?

Don't sweat it, you'll get the hang of it. All it is is the different units of measurements put in order:Kilometers (Km)Hectometers (Hm)Decameters (Dm)Meters (M) the middle point Decimeters (dm)Cen... Read More »