Was Julia child the oldest sibling?

Answer Yes.

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If your parents died when you were a child, would you be eager to be adopted and taken to Germany?

I would prefer to stay in my own country, with enough services (and GOOD enough services), a caring (non-abusive) foster family, and people who know that money isn't everything.Barring any of the a... Read More »

I was adopted when i was 6 my biological father died a few days ago since he's not on my birth cert how can i prove for social security that i am his biological child?

Since you were adopted by another man at age 6 and now go by his surname I don't think you can be considered you biological fathers child in the eyes of the law now. Your biological fathers name is... Read More »

How old does a child need to be to decide where child want's to live Or when to say when they want to go to ones parents house when it is there time there?

What are steps i can take to protect my child if i died?

Make out a will!!! This is very important. Specify who will take guardianship of the child in your absence. It can be done online in most cases. If not, you can write it out yourself and have it... Read More »