How old was henry ford when he completed his first car?

Answer Henry Ford was 32 when he completed work on his first gasoline-powered car--which he called the Quadricycle because it contained no body and sat on four bicycle tires. He finished the car on June 4... Read More »

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When did Henry Ford start the Ford Motor Company?

Henry Ford started the Ford Motor Co. in 1903. At first, the company produced only a few cars each day. In 1908, Ford introduced the Model T. It became so popular that half of all the cars in Ameri... Read More »

When did Henry Ford leave Ford Motor Company?

Henry Ford retired as president of Ford Motor Company in 1945 at age 81, two years before his death. His son Edsel had been president since 1919, but Ford was always active in the company, and rega... Read More »

When did Henry Ford build his first car?

Henry Ford built his first small one-cylinder gasoline internal combustion engine in 1893. Three years later he built his first of many horseless carriages called the Quadricycle. In 1899 he began ... Read More »

When was the car invented by henry ford?

Henry Ford didn't invent the automobile. According to Time Magazine, he invented the first affordable mass-produced car with the Model T in 1908. The Ford Motor Company was producing about one mill... Read More »